mrscreatenewThe Instructor

Mrs Create (Miriam Kilby) has been crafting most of her life.  As a child she would watch Mr Dress-up on t.v. then adapt the idea to make it her own. Daughter of Angela Kilby, well known Ottawa art teacher and artist, she began her career as a teaching assistant for her mother’s craft classes.

Miriam’s creativity led her to study advertising and become a graphic designer.  She worked in Ottawa at Ryan Smith Design for 16 years.

Moving on to raise three sons, Mrs Create now does graphic design on a freelance basis.

Her passion for creativity, love for children and enthusiasm for parties make her the ideal teacher for KidsCreate.


The KidsCreate Story

Ottawa mom nurtures creativity with her craft business

Miriam Kilby, Ottawa mompreneur, freelance graphic designer and party lover started KidsCreate in 2009. Kilby was approached to lead a craft birthday party for her friend's daughter. The party was a success for both Kilby and the birthday host, and KidsCreate was born.  "The timing was perfect," says Kilby. "Just months before I had decided to retire from a 16 year career at Ryan Smith Design to stay home full time with our boys, then one, five and six years old. I was looking for some extra income and a creative outlet and this idea was a perfect fit. Now it's my dream job. I love what I do and the kids pick up on that."

Craft Birthday Parties

KidsCreate was started as a birthday party edutainment business and has naturally expanded into craft classes and events. Kilby, who goes by Mrs. Create when she's teaching, has a mobile studio which means she brings everything that's needed to transform a space into a crafting workshop including: a variety of craft materials, tools, tablecloths and aprons. Most importantly, Mrs. Create brings her contagious enthusiasm for what she does. For birthday parties, Mrs. Create travels to where the parents are hosting the party, either in their home or a space they've rented. 

Kilby has found that parents are grateful for KidsCreate craft parties. "Parents love that the parties are no stress for them, but what they love even more is that they can provide a birthday for their child to celebrate doing something they love - making crafts."

Following her daughter's KidsCreate party, Maria Cama shares, "The girls had a fabulous time and their frames turned out beautifully. Your business is BRILLIANT!!!!  I was worry free and I cannot thank you enough. Please keep me on your mailing list for future workshops; the kids would love it. YOU WERE A HIT!!!!!!"

The KidsCreate birthday party package includes a craft she's developed and tested for maximum creative expression, a custom designed invitation using the birthday child's photo, as well as photography during the party which she uploads to a password protected area of the KidsCreate website.

Many of the KidsCreate craft options incorporate found objects and recycled materials. Mrs. Create teaches how to be inventive with these supplies and shows how an object headed for the recycling bin or landfill can be transformed into something useful.

KidsCreate Around Town

Mrs. Create also educates children with craft lessons outside of birthday parties. Her experience extends to brownie groups, school classes, day care centers, fundraisers and craft sales. For two years, she was invited to be a part of the Originals Spring Craft Sale in Ottawa.

Kilby teaches KidsCreate two-hour craft workshops about once a month on weekend afternoons. Most classes have holiday craft themes. Children four and five years old attend with an adult; older children can attend on their own. Some adults stay to enjoy the experience and it's a memorable family afternoon. Mrs. Create has quite a following for these classes. "I advertise by e-mail and registration is full within two days. We have such a fun and relaxed time at these sessions; they are a quiet hum of creativity. I love seeing families come back again and again to craft together."

When not teaching crafts or creating in her basement studio, she can be found jumping on the trampoline with her husband and three sons.